Green accommodation at Exmoor House, an eco friendly guest house

At Exmoor House we’re doing our best to help keep Exmoor special. For example, we provide information about things to do in the area, so you don’t have to travel far while you’re here, and ideas for car-free travel too. We support other local businesses by buying their products and services. And speaking of all things green, we try to do as little harm as possible to the environment by avoiding wastage and conserving resources. We love Exmoor - our green and pleasant land!

Exmoor National Park Partner
In 2015 Exmoor House were one of a pilot group of five businesses to receive recognition as a National Park Partner. The scheme is for organisations that are working, on their own and with others, as ambassadors for Exmoor. You can see a video about the project on YouTube.

Here are some examples of how we try to be environmentally friendly accommodation:

* Minimise waste and reuse/recycle as much as we can
* Monitor our use of energy and water and reduce this wherever possible
* Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products (some of which we make ourselves)
* Use refillable bottles for shampoo, shower gel, etc
* No longer stock bottled water, because it's wasteful and expensive (and the Somerset tap water tastes great)
* Buy food and drink from local producers and suppliers
* Grow herbs, wild strawberries and some salad crops in the garden
* Provide information on local attractions and public transport
* Provide facilities for walkers and cyclists
* Support local and environmental associations (e.g. The Exmoor Society, Forum 21, CareMoor for Exmoor, Garden Organic, Transition Minehead and Alcombe, Snowdrop Valley). Donations to CareMoor and Snowdrop Valley very welcome
* Bank with The Co-Operative, which follows ethical policies

Much of this also helps keep our costs down, and in turn helps us to keep our prices good value! It’s not an exhaustive list but gives an idea of the kind of actions we are taking. If you have any comments, ideas or questions, we'd be pleased to know.

You can help us by:

* Turning off lights in your room when you go out, and in the sitting room if you’re the last to leave there in the evening (the electric heater too, if it’s on)
* Making sure you turn taps off fully; telling us about any dripping taps or leaks
* Re-using your towels (we'll air them for you if they are damp)
* Not putting anything other than toilet paper in the loo (you will find a supply of sani-bags, if required, in the bathrooms)
* Only putting as much water in the kettle in your room as you need
* Letting us know if you don’t need milk in your room
* Putting used teabags on the little teabags holder on your room tray instead of in the bin (this means that we use fewer plastic bin liners, keeps any newspapers clean so we can make them into paper logs - and we can also put the tea and coffee bags straight in the composter)
*Keeping the windows closed when the heating is on (if you do want to open a window, please turn the radiator to the * setting first)
* Unplugging any chargers for mobile phones, etc, if you are not actually charging anything up (you might be surprised by how much energy they use)
* And why not buy some lovely local produce to take home with you? We can give you details of where to find it.

Car free on Exmoor
Would you like to give your car a holiday too? You'll find ideas about how to do this at ExploreMoor ('car free, carefree Exmoor'); we've also put together some other suggestions and itineraries for our guests, as well as information about local public transport, which you'll find in the guest sitting room at Exmoor House.

Here are more details on how we're trying to keep Exmoor special and be a green place to stay by doing our bit

Autumn on Exmoor

The changing Exmoor seasons are always a delight. October and November are a time for colourful trees, red deer rutting - and Somerset carnivals.
More ideas: Exmoor events
And here are a few reasons why we love this time of year.
Stay at Exmoor House and you can enjoy some fab food and total relaxation...

Exmoor House, green guest house accommodation
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