Exmoor Nature Calendar

January to March

Snowdrop Valley, near Wheddon Cross, is usually at its best in February
Primroses follow, and the first of the gorse starts flowering
It’s the start of the lambing season and the Exmoor pony foaling
Stags start shedding their antlers in March
Snakes and other animals start to come out of hibernation when the weather warms up

Snowdrop Valley near Exmoor House Wheddon Cross

Exmoor pony and foal


April to June

Migratory birds are arriving for the summer
Fox cubs are born
Exmoor ponies continue to foal in early summer
The badger-watching season begins in April
The gorse continues to bloom, along with many other wildflowers
Exmoor’s high beech hedges come into full leaf
Stags shed their antlers
Deer calves are born in June

July to September

Plenty of wildflowers (e.g. rosebay willowherb) still to be seen
The heather is at its finest
The whortleberries are ripe
Lots of partridge and pheasant poults around
The stags’ new antlers are fully grown and they start shedding their velvet
Exmoor pony roundups begin in September

Exmoor heather in bloom
Somerset autumn hedge

October to December

Lovely autumn colours in the hedgerows, with leaves turning and berries ripe
It’s the deer rutting season in October
Exmoor pony gatherings continue too
Migratory birds are arriving for the winter
Salmon are spawning
Fungi such as brightly-coloured waxcaps can be seen

This is a guide to some of the animals, birds and plants you might expect to see on Exmoor, depending on what time of year you stay at Exmoor House. Take a look at the Somerset Wildlife Trust for more nature information and details of wildlife reserves.

Summer on Exmoor

July, August and September are the season of festivals and fairs, so if you're visiting Exmoor in the next couple of months, why not join in the festivities? Visit our events page for some ideas.

But if it's peace and tranquillity you're after, then Exmoor National Park has that in abundance, too.

Exmoor ponies, red deer, snowdrops, Exmoor heather: a few of the things you can see in the National Park
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